Become a “Giving Partner”. Let Your Light Shine.

DFW Christian Hope Foundation

Has God placed it in your heart to help women and children? If so, you’re in the right place. DFW Christian Hope Foundation, a faith-based non-profit is reaching women and children in crisis. And our call to service takes place right here in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Truth is, the need has never been greater. This is your opportunity to partner with us. As a financial partner, you’re helping people of all faiths. It’s a tremendous opportunity to show the love of Christ.

Here’s how easy it is to let your light shine. Here at DFW Christian Hope Foundation, you can become a “giving” partner in a variety of ways.

Take a look.

  • one time gifts
  • on-going contributions
  • guardian angel gifts
  • capital campaign donations
  • naming opportunities
  • change for children campaigns
  • legacy donations
  • faith committees (local churches)

Being a “giving” partner means you are helping to provide funding for faith-based organizations and faith-based non-profits. Without your help, these organizations would not be able to show the love of Christ.

Now, you can feel good knowing you’re giving to the causes closest to your heart. No more struggling to decide which cause to champion. With DFW Christian Hope Foundation, your donation or charitable giving will be directed to causes such as:

  • teen pregnancy
  • women and children in crisis
  • pregnancy help centers
  • saving the unborn
  • and more…

The truth is where much is given comes great responsibility. As Christian’s we have been given the greatest gift; one we can never repay. It is our responsibility to show the love of Christ by caring for those who can not care for themselves.

We prayerfully ask for your charitable giving donation today. The greater the donation, the greater the need we can fill. Join us in serving the Lord by serving others.

We serve a variety of local christian organizations in the DFW Area. Among them are Angels Clinic of Dallas and Pregnancy Lifeline of Fort Worth. With your contributions we can help so many.

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Angels Clinic of Dallas

Pregnancy Lifeline


Any gift is appreciated!

DFW Christian Hope Foundation, is a non-profit 501(c)(3)

Contributor Levels

$50 – Friend

$100 – Advocate

$250 – Patron

$500 – Supporter

$1,000 – Partner

$2,500 – Visionary

$5,000 – Major Benefactor