Filling Lives with Hope and Love
Women In Crisis
At Risk Children
Teen Pregnancy

As a faith-based non-profit, we’re partnering with people just like you. It’s how we’re raising and managing the monies needed to support women and children in crisis.

Sharing the love of Christ is at the heart of DFW Christian Hope Foundation’s growing mission. Called to serve women and children in crisis, we’re stepping out on faith.

All charitable giving donations to the DFW Christian Hope Foundation are distributed based on need. And it’s all happening right here in our own community. But DFW Christian Hope Foundation is doing more than offering hope. Through your generous charitable giving, countless women and children will see firsthand the love of Christ.

So, what’s on your heart? Today, you can be a light in someone’s life. Your generous donation can help support faith-based organizations committed to causes such as:


  • teen pregnancy outreach
  • women and children's crisis centers
  • emergency shelter for at-risk children
  • saving the unborn
  • and more…

Being a light in someone’s life is easier than you think. With many convenient ways to give, you’ll be sure to touch the lives of many.

So, whether you’re looking to make a one time donation or on-going contributions, you’ll find the tools in information all right here. Your generous donation is key to helping us raise funding for faith-based non-profits.

Join us as we help others share the love of Christ.

Thank You To Our Generous Corporate Donors
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